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  Launch of the Malaysia National Prayer Network (MNPN)

All glory goes to our Almighty God. We thank Him for the smooth launching of the Malaysia National Prayer Network (MNPN) on 19th March 2008. We also thank Canon Eddie Ong and the leadership of St Paul's who graciously offered their church for this occasion. About 150 pastors, leaders and intercessors turned up in spite of the rain and traffic jam.

We were blessed by Ps Alvin Tan and Ps Oneng Bintiri who led the Praise and Worship.

Rev Wong Fong Yang, Moderator of Gereja Presbyterian Churches of Malaysia, said the Opening Prayer. The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, Bishop Ng Moon Hing gave the exhortation from the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18. He cautioned the Church to be responsible when God answers our prayers, not too be gullible but to be discerning, watchful and to stay humble.

The congregation and the MNPN Committee participated in the Prayer of Launching after which Bishop Moon Hing dedicated the Network and the Committee to the Lord.

The benediction was given by Ps Daniel Raut , the President of SIB Semenanjung. Bro Sam Ang, a council member of NECF Malaysia, gave thanksgiving after which we adjourned to a Tea reception.

Before the Launch from 10am till 4.45pm, 5 MNPN committee members led prayer for different issues at Corporate Prayer which was held at the Upper Room. It was encouraging to see about 50 turned up from different churches and a prayer group that came from Malacca.

We want to thank each one who has prayed, helped in many different ways to make the Launch meaningful. You who have taken time to be at the Launch and at the Corporate Prayer, may the Lord bless you, your family and your ministry. (Ruth 2:12) 

Some comments/feedback from those who attended the Day of Prayer & the Launch:

  • MNPN can also stand for - Malaysia Needs Prayer Now; Malaysia Noon Prayer Network. Malaysia Non-stop Prayer Network; Malaysia Now Praying Nation.
  • I was so overwhelmed by God’s presence and I sense God saying, this is His doing for this national prayer network to be launched, and this is what He desires and in His time He will bring about His purposes.
  • Because the objective and the focus is praying for the nation and the Church of Malaysia, we can see the motivation of Christians who are ready to commit to pray at noon. 
  • Enjoyed the time spent during corporate prayer and very encouraged to see so many prayed in a united and concerted effort, a good sensing and also the launching of this Malaysia National Prayer Network is so timely. 
  • Our group that came for the whole day said no regret at all, felt that we have done our share in praying for the nation. Hearing from other prayer groups, it confirmed what the Lord has been saying to us , “ a wake-up for the Church”
  • I sense that the Lord has stirred up many people to pray because He wants to move powerfully in our nation. We need to be ready for the harvest. 
  • It was a good start for us who are from different denominations to be united to pray for Malaysia now when the nation is going through some rough times.

 Some photos taken at the launch: